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Couples Massage Workshop

In this popular workshop you will be guided through a full body massage. Learn professional trade secrets and massage skills that will benefit you and your loved ones for a life time!

$150 per couple massage lotion incl.


Qi Gong Classes

Low impact, ancient Chinese exercise!

Energize your meridians, breathe and relax your mind. Learn acupressure points for overall health and disease prevention along the way.

Qi gong is fun, easy and has powerful health benefits.

Empowered Childbirth Classes

Are you welcoming a little one?

Prepare yourself for the arrival of your baby with this informative 6 hr course.

We will go over comfort measures for birth, what to expect from the birthing process and techniques to have your best possible experience. We want you to feel prepared and supported! 

NEXT COURSE APRIL 2023 please contact Marlene Pinkerton at Collingwood Acupuncture Clinic for more details.

Beginners Yoga Class


Stay tuned! Yoga experience! 

Yoga for those wanting to learn what yoga is all about where to start and what styles may suit you and the principals behind this beautiful practice.

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