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Collingwood Acupuncture



Traditional Chinese Medicine 

T.C.M. is a natural and holistic medicine with a history over 4000 years. Following a comprehensive consultation, Marlene will identify which modalities best suit your needs.


Initial 90 min $115

Follow-up 60 min $105

Acupuncture supports your bodies natural healing process. It's the application of very fine needles, skillfully placed at specific points on the body. 

Electro stimulation (optional)

Electro stim is a micro current applied to the acupuncture needle. It causes the muscle to contract and relax; encouraging constricted muscle to relax. 

Cupping Therapy (option as stand alone treatment)

Cupping is the application of silicone cups. The suction of the cup whether sliding or still, decompresses tense muscle and connective tissue. Cupping improves circulation and reduces pain. 

Qua sha 

A technique applied by gliding a smooth edged tool along the skin. This method addresses stubborn scars, adhesions and constriction. It improves mobility and relieves pain. 

Tui Na -Chinese Therapeutic Massage 60 min $120 

Infra red heat lamps keep you warm while Marlene focuses her knowledge of the meridians and acu-points to release the tense muscles. Massage benefits the the flow of blood and qi through your body.

Pre Natal Massage 60 Min $120

As a mother herself and an experienced Doula, Marlene has a real sense for this very special stage in a woman's life. Relax deeply with the use her specially designed pregnancy massage cushions. This is a deeply nourishing prenatal massage.

Reiki or Qi Gong 60 min $105

Reiki and Qi Gong are subtle, therapeutic methods.

With a family history of healers and reiki masters behind her, Marlene has an innate skill in intuitive energy work. 

Blockages in the energy field can be gently combed and cleared.

Neck & Shoulder Release 60 min $105

Exactly how it sounds, this treatment is geared toward encouraging muscles of the neck, jaw and scalp to release and let go. This is one of Marlene's most requested treatments.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Traditional Chinese Herbal formula is offered on a case by case basis which will be applied following initial consultation.







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